Monday, February 23, 2015

Weirdest week ever...

I think I've had more crazy experiences than I've had the rest of my time in the mission. You know all those weird stories missionaries always tell? I had a ton of them this week, but some of those stories are best reserved for after the mission. I have decided though that life is a lot more fun when you're not getting clipped by buses. I'm still alive though. Angels are real, and sidewalks would be nice on some roads. :)

So many things happened this week. First off, Sister Fluckiger says I have to wear a knee brace at least until the end of this transfer. We don't know what happened to my knee. I just woke up one morning and it hurt and was making funny sounds. It was bad enough one day that I couldn't walk, but I wouldn't stay in the house. I kept telling Sister Bender, "Sister Hirschi hobbled around for two weeks using an umbrella as a cane. I can keep working." Then Sister Fluckiger and Sister Ransom told me to take it easy because it's better to take one day off than to keep working abnd cause serious problems that could really make me stop working. Every day I'm supposed to elevate my knee and ice it and I have to wear a knee brace and do funny exercises for my knees. If it gets any worse they'll look into physical therapy... Hooray! Apparently, this is how many missionaries start out with problems, but I want to keep working so I'll do whatever they tell me to do.

Carnaval happened this week... it was very boring. In the MTC we heard all these stories about Carnaval in Brasil and how crazy it is. The biggest thing that happened was a soccer game... and the costume parades for all the little kids in school. We had a super funny experience that day though. We were street contacting and as we were teaching a lesson on the sidewalk some cops pulled up and asked us what we were doing. I told them that we were talking, and before I could finish my sentence one of them asked "Sobre religião?" "Sim." "Qual religião?" Then, the guy that we had been teaching starts explaining to the police everything that we had been teaching him about the Restoration and baptism. Then, one of the police officers asked "Do you do baptism by immersion?" "Sim." He paused for a minute and then he said, "That's the correct way to do it." In the end they were very nice and we invited them to church and gave them each a Book of Mormon. They said that if they're not working one Sunday they'll come to church. Que fixe! The guy we had been teaching on the sidewalk was a little nervous, but Sister Bender and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We also had stake conference this week and interviews with President Fluckiger. Stake conference was so cool. It was the best stake conference I've ever been to. The whole stake of Coimbra (well, all the active members) together are about the size of our ward at home in Idaho Falls. The members sacrificed so much to travel here to Viseu for the stake conference, and because of all the sacrifices they made just to attend stake conference the Spirit was so strong. Growing up in Idaho I never really appreciated having a church building and a temple so close to my house, but being here where there aren't a ton of members makes me realize how important it is to have the gospel. The gospel is everything! President and Sister Fluckiger were here for the stake conference and Elder Moreira of the Seventy. It was so cool.

We had interviews this week with President Fluckiger and he helped me realize that I still have a lot of things to come on the mission. President and Sister Fluckiger are so amazing! I want to be like them some day. They are so dedicated and consecrated and they're so full of love for the missionaries and for the people of Portugal. During my interview President Fluckiger was helping me work on improving my lesson plans so that the doctrines were more clear. It was so great to have him there to help. However, at one point during my interview he started giving me advice for marriage and how to pick a husband after the mission. I was thinking "Wait a second... I don't want to think about marriage for at least 14 more months... why is he giving me counsel about picking a husband?" I don't why, but Judite, one of the members in my ward was talking to me and she told me "Sister, your mission president is so inspired. If he gave you advice about marriage you need to remember what he said and then do what he told you to do when you go home." I figured I would write down what he told me, and then not think about it for 14 months. :) Kind of like college. I'll take the advice, write it down, and then not think about it for 14 months. I like that plan... I like it very much.

Mama, right now we only have one progressing investigator: Leonilde. Sister Hirschi and I had dropped her because she wasn't progressing, but then she showed up to church on her own and now she's actually keeping the commitments. We taught her a Palavra de Sabedoria last week and at the end of the lesson she kept saying, "I knew you were going to talk about this. I just knew because I've been thinking about this all week." That was probably the most powerful moment of my mission. I promised her that if she really had the desire to quite smoking she would be able to do it, and that if she would read the Book of Mormon every day she would have the strength to quit smoking. She didn't say anything, but a few days later we learned that she's finally starting reading the Book of Mormon!

I have so many more things I want to tell you all, but I've run out of time. I love you all and I'm so grateful that every week you all have inspired emails. They're so much fun to read.

Eu vos-amo!

Sister Smith

P.S. I got to talk to Sister Hirschi! Rute was skyping Sister Hirschi and I was on the phone with Rute so Sister Hirschi and I got to talk. Que benção! It was so nice to hear her voice again!

And the pictures are of me icing my knee at the end of the day and with two of the members from Coimbra that love me: Raquel e Dani. their mom adopted me and they want me to serve in Coimbra.

P.P.S. Packages and letters have to be sent to the Mission Office and not the mission home and the address is:

Rua Jorge Barradas Nº14C,

1500-370 Lisboa

Ana is getting baptized in Lisboa this month!!!!!

Olá família... P.S. I love you all. Sister Bender and I were talking about how we never realized how much we loved our families until we were here in the mission field. I would also just like to add that I've never been more grateful for my familiy. After hearing all the stories and seeing all the messed up families of our investigators I'm really, really, REALLY grateful for my normal well-adjusted family. We don't try to stab each other with knives... yeah. We have some very interesting investigators, but don't worry Daddy. We're kept safe.

Anyway, Ana is getting baptized this month!!! Of all the people I've met I think she's probably one of my favorites... and that's a big deal because I love almost everybody here. She's just special. She came up to Viseu for the weekend and we visited and had a lesson Friday night (such a miracle... it was a rough day, but Ana made everything better!). It was great and she talked about how she decided to be baptized. Basically her family says she's crazy and has lost her mind and it was really hard for her, but she told me that she just knew she had to be baptized. So she picked the date Fevereiro 28 and then she prayed about it and said that it felt so right. So she'll be baptized this month!!! I love her so much. We had a lesson, but then during church the next day I had the thought that I needed to share DeC 122 with her. A member Paula was with us (her story is similar to Ana's) and all I felt like I needed to say was that everything she's going through is going to be a benefit to her later. She'll be able to help so many other people because of her example. Then Ana started talking about how she's already doing family history and she has names ready for the temple. The Spirit was so strong! We were all just crying but I know without a doubt that she's going to be helping her family on both sides of the veil. Missionary work isn't very classy, but moments like that make everything worth it. We might not baptize thousands every week, but one true convert can change the world!

Holy smokes! Want to hear the most amazing story ever?! So President Fluckiger has a goal of 600 baptisms before he's released in June. We're working our guts out to try and find people whoe can be baptized so we're going through the area book and finding names of people who've been to church before. We made some maps and we were trying o find all the houses ( turns out some of the addresses don't exist... so Benjamin, when you're a missionary at the end of this year please make sure the addresses are real). Anyway, we were up in the area by the Cathedral here in Viseu and we were trying to find the family of a Recem Converso. We finally found the predio but no one was answering the door. Finally, I told Sister Bender that I wanted to say a prayer. Literally as soon as we finished the prayer a man opened the door. He had the weirdest surpirsed look on his face. We asked if he'd seen our colegas before and he just nodded. We got a return appointment to meet with him and his girlfriend a few days later. On the way there I kept having this feeling that this visit was really important. We got to Manuel and Paula's house and they invited us in and pretty soon Manuel just hung his head and told us that he was already a member. He was baptized in 1998, but he's been inactive for a long time. He said that he's been trying to change his life because he wants to go back to church and now he wants to go to the temple with Paula... He wanted a way to come back to the church and then when he walked out of his house the other day we were standing there. I can say that I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father's plan is perfect! There's no way we would have found Manuel or Paula on our own, but Heavenly Father led us to them. Manuel has a solid testimony and he's helping us teach Paula the lessons. MILAGRES estão a acontecer!!!

Those are my big stories for the week. This was a really rough week. We learned that street contacting is really hard in the rain, but I'm turning into Sister Hirschi a little bit. I don't use an umbrella anymore because it's harder to talk to people with the umbrella... and even if I'm super sick I still roll out of bed at 6h55 and crawl to the light switch like Sister Hirschi. She was so dedicated... I'm glad I had her as my trainer this last transfer. She's crazy, but she made a huge difference.

Mommy, I'm going to be so fat when I come home from my mission. The food here is too good and now that the members really like us, they want to feed us all the time. My favorite fodd so far is just a simple rice and beans dish. Feijoada. I love feijoada.... I could eat it all day... every day. And the pastries... I think I like food too much. It's a good thing we exercise every morning and walk everywhere. Also, I think Rick Steves should visit Europe the way missionaries do. The places he goes to are so touristy... he really doesn't show what Europe is actually like. Daddy, people like to speak German to me. I can understand everything they say, but I'm only able to respond in Portuguese.... it's confusing to me, but I'm glad the Spirit helps me understand and speak Portuguese. :)

I am running out of time! I still have so many stories to tell, but they can wait until after my mission. I love being a missionary. It's so hard, but it's always worth it!

Sister Smith

P.S. the Spirit has turned me into a great big puddle of emotions... I cry all the time during church and lessons.

The pictures are of me and Ana and my favorite pastry... I don't know what it's called, but I know that I like it. :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

I LOVE being a missionary!!! Super long email... sorry... :D

Three exclamation points... I'm pretty excited. Oh my goodness. Família... eu amo vos. Vocês são incriveis e amo todos os emails cada semana. Translation: Family... I love you all. You are all incredible and I love all the emails every week. I also get little emails every couple of weeks from my branch presidency from the MTC. I'm convinced that I had the best branch presidency. Seriously, Heavenly Father has given me the opportunity to meet so many people and learn from them all. I didn't know it was possible to love so many people. I guess I'm kind of like the Grinch. My heart is just getting bigger and bigger all the time.

Today during personal study I kept getting distracted thinking about family history and I couldn't figure out why. It wasn't what I'd planned on studying, but then I realized that I was also thinking about Grandpa Smith. Today would have been his birthday right? I never realized how much Heavenly Father blessed me with my family until coming on a mission. I can look back and see how I learned so much that I'm able to use and remember now as a missionary. As a missionary I'm a lot more aware of how thin the veil really is. It's so true that we have angels and family with us... all the time. You can just feel it, and then it gives you this huge desire to go out and share the message of the gospel with EVERYONE so that everyone can have the same knowledge that we have. Basically, families are forever and being a missionary is amazing.

My new companion Sister Bender... I think we were seperated at birth. I love her so much. I was so nervous about having a new companion. I loved Sister Hirschi so much and I was worried that I wouldn't love my next companion as much (Hah! I just love her). She is from Utah and she actually turned 20 two or three weeks ago. She was a ballerina but as she told me last night her true passion is "math and money and graphs." She's an economics major. She's so quirky and so, so, SO happy! All the time... and so calm. So calm. She is honestly the most patient person I've ever met and such an amazing example to me. I've never met anyone more humble than Sister Bender and there's not a mean bone in her body (I've learned though that I have lots of mean bones in my body that I am working on getting rid of), and I know that Heavenly Father wanted me to learn patience and humility from her example. During meals and exercise time we have long conversations about math and science and history... and then I go off about plants and how I want a hobby farm and a cow... she just laughs at me. She also loves old movies and old music... we sing mission appropriate crooners songs all the time because they keep us happy and quite honestly it invites the Spirit. She also loves Audrey Hepburn movies... My Fair Lady and Roman Holiday, but she's a little lacking in the John Wayne department. After the mission... after the mission we'll fix that, but seriously... I'm convinced we were seperated at birth or best friends in the pre-existence.

And she's so inspired. During weekly planning we were both a little frustrated because neither one of us has very much experience and we were both a little homesick and we missed our companions and we felt really sad because a lot of our investigators decided to stop meeting with us. We had a long conversation and she said something that really stuck with me. She said, "As missionaries we're representatives of Jesus Christ, and I think that if we're really going to understand Him and represent Him, we have to feel a little of what He felt." That hit me so hard. Everything changed after that. We've said so many prayers and we've just been praying all the time to receive revelation about what we're supposed to be doing right now in this area in Viseu. This is going to be amazing! The Spirit really helped me remember what a great opportunity a mission is. The Spirit also helped me remember that these are people, not numbers. As missionaries Heavenly Father has trusted us with bringing our brothers and sister to the truth. That's a lot of responsiblity but a great opportunity to feel the same for other people that Heavenly Father has!

Also, I love the members here. Again, I didn't think it was possible to love so many people, but I love the members here. The idea of leaving them one day is something I don't like to think about. All the little crianças are my friends now, and I have a lot of Portuguese "mothers" here. I've been adopted by some of them here in Viseu and a few in Coimbra from the times I went to Coimbra every week. The members here are amazing. I love hearing their conversion stories. Our ward here in Viseu is basically a huge family. Half of the ward is related and most of them have served missions and now have kids that are getting ready to go on missions. It's not a big ward though. Maybe only 40-50 people that are mostly active but it's an amazing ward. We're going to have stake conference here in Viseu in two weeks so the whole stake will be here. It's going to be amazing!

Oh my goodness! Daddy you asked about my MTC companion Sister Anaya, and guess what?! In the letter from President Fluckiger today he listed the 21 missionaries who got their visas and arrived here this week. Sister Anaya was one of them!!! And she's in Castelo Branco in my zone! I was so excited that I was almost in tears! When I see her again I am going to cry... I just know it. :)

I'm starting to really love the mission though. The past three months I've wondered if I'm going to be able to keep doing this. It's hard to get rejected and to get made fun of and it's so much work, but I've realized this week that it's work motivated by love for other people. When you feel that love and you're trying to follow the Spirit, suddenly everything is worth it. If you don't baptize the nation on your mission, but you help a Menos Ativo come back to church and stay firm that's worth all the work and the trials you go through. The time away from our families is worth it if we help other families. We'll never see the full impact of the work we do, but it's always worth it. Every day is full of miracles and every day is amazing! Seriously, one day Sister Hirschi and I were trying to find a guy named João but we only knew his building number and not the porta so we started knocking doors. We saw a door with a big sticker on it that says, "You're special to God." We said, "It's a sign!" A Brasileiro named Bruno lives there with his wife. They actually want to move to the United States, but they are miracle investigators! Sister Bender and I love teaching them. Love the people and suddenly your whole perspective changes. You see more miracles every day!

I love you all!

Sister Smith

P.S. Tell Kandi that I'm happy for her wedding and that I'm excited for her. Please tell Bishop and Sister Berry thank you for the letter. Bishop Berry typed up his conversion story and included it. It almost made me cry. We have the coolest ward every. *Random side note: on the envelope Bishop and Sister Berry wrote the "Portugal Libia Mission".... I laughed, but I'm glad I got the letter. Tell Benny good luck in Cour d'Alene and with rugby. I was actually thinking about rugby this week. For the first time in my mission I'm meeting a lot of people that live for futebol. Seriously... if they didn't have soccer I think they wouldn't keep on living.

P.P.S. The pictures are of Bruno's door and the other one is of Sister Bender. She hit the "Sunday afternoon wall" during language study and she was out. I took lots of pictures. :)

"You're special to God"

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A mission is crazy... super, super crazy!

This week was so crazy! My first transfer was crazy and I still haven't met my companion, but I'll be really quick and I'll tell you as many stories as I possibly can.

So, Sister Hirschi went to a surprise mission conference in Lisboa and I stayed with the sisters in Coimbra... de novo mas foi bom. I love Sister Donahoo and Sister Mancuso. On Wednesday we had a zone conference and it was so great. It was so nice to get back in our area though.

I learned that an umbrella doesn't do much good when there is wind. We walked to Helder e Lidia's house in the rain and when we got there we were soaked... I've never been so wet in my life. It was so much fun though.

Cray miracle that happened is that we got special permission from President Fluckiger to have Rute baptized on Saturday. It's a rule here that they need to go to church at least twice, but we were having this impression that she needed to be baptized on Saturday instead of Sunday after church. We called Rute and the Bishop and then we called President Fluckiger. President Fluckiger listened to us talk about Rute and then he gave us permission to have her be baptized on Saturday. It was so crazy. There were so many things going wrong. The font wouldn't fill up and the elders had to get in the water to try and get the plug to stay in, but eventually they got it figured out and the font filled up in 45 minutes! This font takes several hours to fill up so it was literally a miracle. After Rute was baptized she just told us "I feel so good!" It was so cool to see someone from the beginning and then all the way up to baptism. She is so elect. She cam prepared and all we did was invite her to make the covenants. Heavenly Father knows who he wants in His church, and He'll lead them to the missionaries!

We got transfer calls Sunday night. My district leader, Elder Madsen, got transferred to the Algarve and he's a new zone leader down there. Elder Poston's new companion is Elder Ruggers.

My new companion is Sister Bender. I've talked with her on the phone but I haven't met her. She was supposed to get here today at 2:30 pm, but something happened and now she won't be getting here until 5:30 so I'm trading off with several different members today.

Sister Hirschi left for Lisboa at 11:15 and I got told that I needed to go back to my house alone and wait there until the elders came. Thank goodness our apartment is literally across the street from the bus station. It's the weirdest feeling being alone as a missionary and luckily it was only for an hour in our apartment, but I didn't feel comfortable until after I said a prayer. After I said a prayer I suddenly didn't feel alone. This huge peaceful feeling came and I knew that I was going to be kept safe and that I'd be able to find members to stay with. The elders came and got me an hour later and we went up to the chapel to wait for a sister from their ward. None of the sisters in my ward are off of work until this afternoon, so I'll be hanging out with Gisa for a few more hours.

I didn't want to say goodbye to Sister Hirschi, but I'm ust so grateful for the time I had with her. She was so amazing and she helped me so much.

I don't have more time, but I love you all and I love getting all your emails. Keep doing the good little things every day and you'll find that things are better.

Sister Smith

My last week with Sister Hirschi!

It's true. My companion is finishing her mission next week, but we don't speak of that. No really... we don't talk about that.

Mama, I hope you enjoyed the humidity. It's very, very, VERY different from a good dry Idaho winter, but I'm tough now. The cold doesn't bother me and I'm just walking around in my light jacket now. I think it's pretty mild, but if I think this weather is perfect I'm going to have another adjustment period in summer time. That will be an adventure.

I realized I am not a very good email writer... after I send off my email every week, Sister Hirschi reads what she wrote and I realize that there are so many things that I forgot. Sorry. Someday you'll all hear all the stories.

So last week Sister Hirschi had to do divisions in Foz and in Gaia so I was in Coimbra for almost four days. We did not want to be out of our area for that long. At first I was excited, but then the realization of how much time we were spending away from our area hit me and I didn't want to go. As we left on the bus I was homesick for Viseu and I had the thought that it's going to be a lot harder when I'm transferred to another area. I just thought it was so strange that in the beginning I hated Viseu and I wanted to be anywhere else, but now I love the people so much. I love our ward members and our investigators and our ghetto apartment. The members in Coimbra love me too though. I've been in Coimbra at least once every week this transfer because of divisions and the members now ask me when I'm coming back. They told me last week that they want me to be transferred to Coimbra next transfer. We'll have to see about that. I kind of (kind of nothing) I really, REALLY want to stay in Viseu next transfer. We were out of our area for so long, but Heavenly Father took care of our area and prepared people for us when we got back. Our investigators Rute and Ana spent almost all of Saturday afternoon with us. Ana came and did contacting in the street with us. She's not baptized yet, but she says she's planning on going on a mission next year! Felicidade! Then we had a lesson with both Rute e Ana and the Spirit was so strong! Holy smokes! It was amazing to see how they've only known about the church for a few months, but they believe everything as soon as they hear it. When we taught Rute the Word of Wisdom all she said was, "I didn't know tea was bad for us. I won't drink it anymore" It was amazing. Anyway, our lesson with Rute and Ana on Saturday was amazing! They sat there and taught each other. It was the most amazing thing. Rute was explaining the Gift of the Holy Ghost to Ana and then Ana was explaining Fasting and Fast Offerings. It's the most amazing experience to see your investigators grow and share the gospel with people around them. It's proof that the missionaries aren't the teachers. Heavenly Father prepares His children and then He sends the missionaries to help them find the Church. That's really all we do. As we taught about Family History e Templos the Spirit was so strong and I had the impression that their families are waiting for them to get baptized. They're going to change the lives of so many people and they're going to change their families too. That night we had a noite familiar with Familia Vale in our ward and we had five investigators there. Cinco!!! And they're all jovems! That's what we need right now is more youth so it was fantastic!

"The hour you receive the most revelation is during companionship study." It's so true! I love companionship study. Basically every morning that we're in our area and we have a normal study schedule, we have a one hour long "Mini General Conference Session" as we share what we learned in personal study. Sister Hirschi is awesome. Basically I love her. She's so weird, but I love her. Yesterday her words of wisdom were "As a missionary, you need to be just as prepared as you want your investigators to be." Today her words of wisdom were "The end of your mission is the foundation for the rest of your life and I don't want to start the rest of my life being sad or depressed. I want to end my mission and start the rest of my life being as happy and full of faith as I can be." We also read a lot of talks about the pioneers and this morning one of the things we read was that the challenges we face today are different, but just as difficult as what the pioneers faced. We have their examples and the foundation they built so that we can be full of hope and live our lives as disciples of Christ every day. The question to ask yourself every day is "Am I happy? Am I full of faith?"

Sister Hirschi likes to read all her emails to me and her little brother is in Brasil on a mission right now. Something he wrote last week really stuck with me. He said that every day when they make plans it would be a lot easier and a lot more comfortable to just go and visit with members or the same investigators everyday, but that if you want miracles you have to dig and dig and dig and do the things that are harder and not as comfortable. When you do it though, miracles really do happen. Normally when we plan we do plan things that I don't like to do, but when I jsut dig in and trust Heavenly Father and do what I know needs to be done, literally, miracles happen. Last night our plans didn't come through but Heavenly Father blessed us. We were able to meet with a recent convert and invite him to start coming to church again. We also had AMAZING lessons in the street last night. I'm not a huge fan of street contacting (I'm a Smith... I'm not a people person... yeah) but Sister Hirschi prays every day that I'll be blessed with the Gift of Loving Street Contacting (she believes in praying for realy specific things... I'm starting to do it too because it totally works). However, I know that Heavenly Father only blesses us when we do our part. So, if I want the Gift of Loving Street Contacting... I have to just dig in and do street contacting. Last night as we did it though we ran into a guy named Ismael from Lisboa and while we were talking to him the Spirit just kind of hit me and I had the overwhelming feeling that he is my brother and the Heavenly Father loves him just as much as he loves. When you feel the love the Heavenly Father has for other people, that's what makes the difference. Once you feel that, you don't let anything stop you from doing your work as a missionary (Once a member, always a missionary!).

Long email... I talk a lot... sorry. Funny story. Turns out there are actually quite a lot of white Portuguese people with lighter hair. Usually people come up and start speaking French or Ukranian to me because they think I'm from those places, but now people are starting to think I'm Portuguese. The other day we were talking to a woman in the street and she was asking Sister Hirschi where she was from. Sister Hirschi said that we were both from the United States, but then the woman pointed at me and said that I was Portuguese. She was saying that I spoke Portuguese like a Portuguesa, but Sister Hirschi spoke like an American. The funny part is that I couldn't understand what the woman was saying. Sister Hirschi translated for me later. So people think I'm Portuguese... but I can't understand what they're saying sometimes. Oh goodness. The ward members tell me every week that they've never seen missionaries learn the language as quickly as I have. It's not because of anything I've done though. Heavenly Father gave me the Gift of Tongues because that's what was needed to do the work here. I'm so grateful every day for it. Never take be ungrateful for any gift you're given. It's so true that Heavenly Father qualifies you to do the work. When He gives a commandment He provides a way.

I love you all and I love reading your emails and hearing all your stories. Daddy and Matthew, you both told me to write in my journal. Two weeks in a row I've gotten that advice and that's what I've been struggling with. I think Heavenly Father is telling me that I need to take more time to write in my journal because it's not just for me.

Tell Kandi that I'm excited for her and I'd like to send her an email. Mama will you tell Kandi that and get her email for me? Benjamin, I also have a letter about being a missionary that I would like to send you. I'm excited for you to get ready for a mission. It's the hardest thing I've ever done and in the beginning I didn't think I could do it for 16 more months, but being a stubborn Smith I refused to give up and now I don't ever want to leave. I only have 15 more months! Seriously! Janeiro 29 is my 3 month mark. I love all the stories about Alexis and Ammon and Evy and Asa. They're all pretty cute. I love you all and I love your emails every week, even if you all think you lead boring lives and you have nothing to talk about. (P.S. What happened to Eric? He's the one sibling I never hear from or about... is he still alive?)

I love you all, and the Church is true! Try every day to be a little better!

Sister Smith

P.S. Biggest miracle ever: last week as we were running to the bus I lost my tag. Someone picked it up and set it on a flower pot and the elders found it there... a week later we found the clip of the sidewalk. Que MILAGRE!

These two pictures are of Coimbra last week. 

P-day in Viseu

Reunião do Distrito! Elder Poston with Madeira fruit (sister Hirschi and I are obsessed with it)

District Selfie

A random sign that we see all over the place here in Viseu... I'm not sure exactly what it means. Something about stuff to do in Viseu... I don't really know.

Noite familiar com Familia Vale and our investigators.