Monday, December 8, 2014

Guess who's going to Portugal?!

That's right! ME! Oh my holy smokes! I'm so excited I could die! I don't have enough time to type out my travel plans so I'll just send a picture of them. So,
I'm leaving tomorrow morning from Salt Lake to Dallas, from Dallas to London, and from London to Lisbon. Yeah. That's so crazy! I'm going to get a calling card today and I'll call you from Salt Lake. I'll call Mom's cell phone, and I'll try to call Clarissa too if I have time. I should be in Salt Lake around 9:30 or 10:00 tomorrow morning. Sister Anaya didn't get her visa. She's been reassigned to the New York Utica mission, but Sister Mills and I are traveling together. It will be just the two of us the whole way over. Sister Mills mom is amazing. She got us all necklaces. The necklaces have three little birds for the three of us. It's adorable... I will wear it always.

                                                                                This week was the BEST! The absolute best week of my life!!! For devotional on Tuesday Elder Evans spoke again and he talked a lot about how our missions help our families more because we're away, that our absence has a bigger effect than if we were home. Then he talked a lot about the real reason we have Christmas. Have you all seen the new video the Church put out? Oh my goodness. It is so good. I melt into a puddle of emotion and warm fuzzies every single time I watch it... like, really. Every time. I've turned into a great big ball of emotion. It's terrible.... but I love the  video

Go watch it people. Well, don't just watch it, actually think about it, but yeah. Watch it. Keep tissues on hand... I needed them. I really needed them when I watched it in Portuguese. Oh! And watch the new nativity bible video too. Watch them both. I love them. 

Elder Abbot is on the left
On Wednesday our district got to be host missionaries again and I ran into Todd Abbott. I've actually run into him a couple of times and I have some pictures so you'll have to show Bishop Freey and the Abbott's. He seems to be enjoying it here.

Sister Smith with her Aunt Kay

Also, the guy that went to San Francisco with us is here now. Sister Mills and I ran into him once and then (this is the coolest story ever) I was having kind of a bleh day on Friday, so we decided we'd go say goodbye to Kay. I run in there and I give her a hug and it turns out she's cutting Elder Bethers' hair and he had just been talking about us. Crazy, huh?!                         
Elder Bethers is on the far right

I got a picture with him and then as we were leaving I ran into Elder Abbott so I got a picture with him. I ran into him on Sunday during our temple walk too, so I have a couple of pictures. Elder Bethers was so excited to see us. He'll be leaving for Portugal probably next week. When he saw us he couldn't stop telling us how much our Portuguese had improved in just three weeks. That gave me warm fuzzies. It made me so happy to know that there are noticeable changes.  

Want to hear another crazy story? So we got done with our class Saturday morning with Irmao Gray and as minha companheiras and I walked out of the building I saw someone that looked like another Stolworthy cousin. She recognized me too. It was Richard and Juneve's daughter Erin, so we got a picture. It totally made my day. Saturday was the best day ever... until I got to Sunday. Then Sunday became the best day ever. 

Our lessons that we taught this week went so well! It was like the Spirit decided to pull up a chair and sit in there with us. We learned so much about how to prepare lessons and how to follow the Spirit as we teach. Sunday was a really special day. It was our last Sunday here but it was just so cool. The Spirit taught me so many things and I had a lot of little moments of revelation throughout the day. The branch presidency that we had here is the best branch presidency. Heavenly Father blessed me by putting me where I needed to be, with people that would teach me and change me. I can see a change in myself even after just six weeks. It's strange and fantastic all at the same time. I love the MTC so much. I'm definitely leaving a little piece of my heart here. I didn't cry when I left home, but I will definitely bawl my little eyes out when I leave the MTC. Today we have our last classes with our teachers then tomorrow morning we're dropping off Elder Medeiros at 2:00 am. Then we're dropping Sister Anaya off at 3:30 am. I am going to cry when our trio gets split up. So much.... yeah. It's happening. It's crazy how much you learn to love people in so short a time. Our little four person district is a family. Elder Medeiros is really just our brother and we totally act like it. We are all so obnoxious. It's okay though. After our missions we're all going to visit each other. It will be an adventure.

I love you all and I'm so excited for Christmas for you all. It sounds like you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are excited for Christmas. Remember the reason for the season. It will make it more special if you do. I'm so grateful for the time I had here at the MTC. I met so many people that changed me, especially my teachers and companions and branch presidency. Heavenly Father definitely knows best. My plans have all been changed, but I know that if I put the Lord first everything will work out. I love you all! Feliz Natal


Sister Smith

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