Monday, November 23, 2015

It's Autumn time... It's Autumn time...

Transfer calls came in last night at 11:10... we weren't sleeping... we were in bed very, very, very, very CALMLY waiting for the phone call (emphasis on the part about "calmly"... Sister Larson put her face in her mattress and started growling she was so calm). Happy news is that we are staying together for one more transfer! Hooray! Christmas will be awesome. :) But for now we are having fun with the chilly weather and the crunchy leaves.

*Update* So.... with transfers our district leader Elder Zwalhen got transferred to Portoalegre and his companion Elder Morrison had to leave early to go stay with the elders from Figueira do Foz.... long story short, we had to spend the whole day with Elder Zwalhen while we waited for his companion to arrive and take him to his new area. So now we don't have time to do email. Whoops. Vida missionária. :)

Sister Larson still needs to email her family so I'll send some nifty postcards and some nifty pictures and I'll write more next week. :) Life is wonderful and hard and just fantastic. :) It's great.

Amo vos muito! Vou vos escrever mais na pr├│xima semana. :)

Sister Smith

P.S. Yesterday Xeca and Avelino showed up at church to surprise me. I was super happy, but I was really tired and super confused. :) It was pretty nice to see them again. :)

Also, here's our last district selfie and then from this morning when Elder Morrison left for Fig. do Foz.

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