Monday, December 14, 2015

Water, water, water.... it's everywhere. :)

Winter finally came today. We were out in Fátima for p-day and the rain started coming in little sprinkles... then in came down in big drops... and now there are puddles all over the place. :) Hooray! I like the rain.
Unfortunately, because of our awesome p-day adventure with our district in Fátima at the caves we are now down to about 10 minutes of email time. :D Hooray! I'm okay with not having a lot of email time... (sorry, my week isn't ruined if I don't get email... life continues on) but Sister Larson only has two more weeks in the mission so email time is pretty high up on the to do list now.
The big highlights of the week are that our marcada Giovanna finally had a click and she felt the Holy Ghost and now she understands baptism! It was really good. We hadn't been able to get in touch with her mom again but finally her mom called us and set up an appointment and we were trying to get all these energetic members to come with us to try and befriend the mom, but in the end the only member that could help us was a little old man named Joaquim... he is the grandpa of the missionaries here in Leiria. He was so quiet and calm and he brought a special spirit to the lesson which is actually exactly what we needed. Giovanna paid attention and finally asked questions and understood but more importantly she FELT it. It was actually a great big miracle.
The other cool thing is I spent three days training a British sister while Sister Larson and Sister Campos were on a division. I get to go back to Viseu next week to be with her again. It was fun. We got along really well, and we're going to have fun in Viseu.
We also got in with a family from Brasil this week. They were found a couple of months ago but they always yelled and never let the Sisters in but this week I told Sister Larson, "I have no idea who these people are. Can we just go by and see if they will let us in this time?" We went and they did let us in and they said they weren't going to come to church but they came at the very end.... and to make sure they weren't going to be led astray by us they brought the pastor of their church with them.....

It was a little intimidating because he just wanted to argue, but in the end we just talked with him while the members took care of the family and it was really nice. We felt the Spirit and we invited him to be taught the lessons, so on Saturday we are going to teach this pastor about the Restoration. We were telling Raquel and Ana Bea about it and Ana Bea told us, "Well, the church is true so what's the problem?" Then she told us that she still wants to be baptized so she's marked herself for baptism on January 2. Hooray!
I'm out of time and now I have to run to catch a bus, but I love you all! I'm sending something in the mail for you this week! :D Feliz Natal and remember the reason for the season! :D
Sister Smith

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