Monday, February 22, 2016

Oh Transfers... I still hate them. :)

Yup. We are having transfers this week. With Presidente Fluckiger we always found out transfers on Sunday night and then we left on Monday, but Presidente Amorim does it differently every time. This time the whole district is going to get together tomorrow for district meeting and then at the end the transfer assignments will be sent out by email instead of by telefonema.

I've been in this wonderful little city of Leiria for 5 months and I'm feeling that I'm going to get transferred to a different area, so basically I'm a stressed out, super-emotional sister right now... but that's normal. It happens every time I leave an area and an amazing district. 

I don't have anytime this week to email.... sorry. I really did have a lot that I wanted to talk about. We had a mission conference this week with Elder Kearon and his wife and it was incredible. I got to see Sister Bender and it was so nice to see her again. And all the office elders think that we are just the most wonderful district in the whole mission because we have no problems and we gave them a jar of nutella (it's amazing how willing they are to help us when we give them nutella).

It was a fantastic week with the best district ever and the best ward of all time. I love Leiria. It has a special place in my heart. I've seen miracles in every area of my mission, but in Leiria it was so clear that Heavenly Father is charge of the work here. Every day there were so many miracles and I am so grateful that I had the chance to be here with the 4 sisters I served with. It was the best area of my mission and I've grown and changed a lot here as well. Leiria is just a special little place and I'm leaving a big piece of my heart here. I'm gonna miss it a lot, but I know that there is still one more part of Portugal that I get to go to. One more spot that needs my quirky personality and more people to love. It will be good, but Leiria is definitely one the best little places in the world. Someday I'll come back to visit. :)

I love you all! Don't forget to read the Book of Mormon everyday. If you don't you choose to not be as happy as you could be and it starts to make a big difference after a while. :) The Book of Mormon is a special thing and the more you read it, the more you love it. 

Sister Smith

P.S. I said goodbye to all the members yesterday at church and I said goodbye to Giovanna's family... then there's a lovely little group selfie of our Leiria missionaries... I wasn't in it but I was talking to people. I just love our little district. (Elder Orozco calls us "District Alpha Wolf Squadron"... he's a funny kid...)

Amo vos! 


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