Monday, July 13, 2015


I would have typed out "Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles" but that's just too much for one little title.... Anyway......

Our new mission president still hasn't received his visa so he and the area presidency have postponed transfers!!! HOORAY!!!! Transfers have been postponed until Presidente Amorim gets here and has the opportunity to interview every single missionary, so now Sister Parkinson and I are staying together for an undetermined amount of time! :D She said that this morning she was actually praying for a miracle to happen so that she could stay in Gaia for just a little bit more time and we got our miracle!!! We're staying together for just a little bit longer! :) And while I was reading Presidente Amorim's letter to us today I just felt a huge love for our new misison presidente. Heavenly Father specifically called him to be our mission presidente and lead us here in the north. I feel like it's just such a huge blessing to be assigned to the Porto Mission. Best mission in the world for me!

This week, it feels like we nearly killed ourselves working and yet at the same time we didn't get very good numbers this week. We walked so much and tried to find so many people, but it didn't work out quite the way we wanted. One of the things I love most about Sister Parkinson is that she is fully aware of her weaknesses and is so determined to be better and become the best missionary she can be. It's a big motivator for me because whenever I'm worn out and I don't really have a desire to keep working she just doesn't stop. She always (okay... not always, but the majority of the time) she just wants to work and be a good missionary. :) We've had a pretty good transfer. We've had our lazy patches, but we've realized that if we're working together and taking responsibility for ourselves we're able to work through everything and be more effective as a companionship (...sounds like marriage prep..... ). 

Today for p-day we went out with Xeca. We walked from our house to Xeca's and then we had lunch with her. Then we walked from Xeca's house (by the metro stop João de Deus) down to Serra do Pilar. From Serra do Pilar we walked across the Ponte do Luiz... (I think that's the name of the bridge) and then from there we walked up to the Torre do Cleri-something and then down to the river on the Porto side, walked back across the bridge on the bottom, and then along the river on the Gaia side, took a lift back up over the buildings to Serra do Pilar and then walked back. For a p-day we didn't really take a break at all. It took a long time but it was a lot of fun. Xeca thought it was really weird that we were so amazed by everything, but it was fun. Basically, we walked in a giant circle all the way through Porto Velho and then back up to our area in Gaia  

This week will be fun. Some of the members are planning a birthday festa para mim. Vai ser divertida..... sorry. I meant that it will be fun. English.... English. I can English. :) 

Unfortunately, because of our super fun p-day I am all out of email time after only 15 mintues... whoops. Thank you for all the emails and I love you all!

Little Sister Smith (who's gonna be old after Quinta-feira..... yuck.... old age) :D

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