Monday, September 28, 2015

Hooray for email time! :)

Guess what família?! There weren't any computers open at the library, so we're at the capela and I don't have tons of time. :D Que bom. Vida boa. Mas eu vou mandar fotos desta semana e só contar algumas histórias engraçadas desta semana. :) I will send more fotos in other emails.

 This week we had our big activity for the "Conheça os Mórmons" movie night. We spent the whole week literally talking to EVERYBODY!!! It was fun, and I made a discovery that even if we don't get big numbers and the elders tell us that they don't think we're working hard, when we are actually giving everything we've got we're happy and we feel that Heavenly Father is happy with us too. It was a good week. On Saturday we had a big activity in the road with all the members. We were at the metro stop at Santo Ovidio for a couple of hours and we had posters and we were singing hymns and literally talking to everybody on the road. It was a lot of fun. We were split up in groups through Gaia and I was with a bunch of missionaries from Porto. Sister Runyan was in a different group with missionaries from another part of Gaia. It was fun. In the end the only investigators we had at the filme were Gabriel and Carlos. Gabriel really liked it and he said he almost cried until he looked over and saw me and Sister Runyan crying. :) We're sisters. We cry during church movies. :)

This week we are going Menos Ativo hunting and we're discovering that lots of the members on our list of members don't actually live here anymore. It givs us lots of opportunities though to find new people. It's good. 

I don't have time... I am super sorry. It's the library's fault, but I have lots of good pictures to send. Remember to prepare for General Conference and prepare to receive new guidance on what we need to be doing. :) Hooray for modern profetas! I heard about Elder Scott on Saturday, and while I was a little sad I just felt that Heavenly Father already had the new apostles prepared and that He is in charge of everything. He made the plan and his plan can't be stopped. He is in charge of everything, and we just have to trust in Him. 

I love you all!

Sister Smith

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