Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The adventures never stop

I liked reading all your emails this week. Your emails are always really good, but this week they were 5 stars. Cinco estrelas. :)

This week was full of adventures. I was feeling a little bit down this last week and I didn't know why, but then Saturday I had a fever and I slept all Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It was good, but then yesterday in the afternoon my throat started swelling up and by the night time I was having a hard time breathing so Xeca and Avelino took me to the hospital. Hooray for nice people who take good care of me! The doctor said that I'm just sick and that it should go away in a couple of days. The right side of my neck is still swollen and it looks like I have a tumor growing in my neck, but I'm breathing and I'm feeling better now. :) Não preocupe. 

I got an email from Ana, the girl that I taught in Viseu, and she told me that she went to the temple for the first time this last week. She sent me pictures and everything. It was nice to see pictures of her in front of the temple. 

Today, it is raining.... a ton. Xeca called and told us that on the news they're actually advising people to not go out on the roads in the afternoon because it's supposed to be really rainy and windy. Today is Xeca's birthday though, so we're going to go help her get ready for her birthday party tonight. She's been taking good care of me this week. I call Xeca my "Mãezinha" and she says that basically she's my mom and I'm her kid. :) I sure do like these Português people. :)

I don't have any pictures to send this week... sorry. I'll send double pictures next week. Tell Bishop Frey that I hope that he gets better soon. I'll remember him in my prayers. 

I love you all! Have a great week and don't forget to read in the Book of Mormon every day! :) Every day is better when you read in the scriptures every day. 

Little Sister Smith 

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