Monday, January 18, 2016

I Got a Phone Call Today...

I got the TRUNKY CALL today.... I feel very old. :) 

TRUNKY CALL: (noun) the call that comes three transfers before you go home so that they can book your tickets for the flight home.

We were eating durums with the élderes today by the library and I got a phone call from my old District Leader Élder Morrison who now works in the Mission Office as an Executive Secretary. He started out by saying, "Hey Síster Smith! I just have a few questions for some of the paper work here in the office. What's your home stake?" And then I responded, "Élder Morrison, is this my trunky call?"

"Yeah, you figured it out faster than everybody else. Good job Síster Smith!" Then, Élder Morrison and I just laughed about it. The TRUNKY CALL.... since when have I been serving a mission for so long? Weirdness.... the élderes said that I am the most chill síster in the whole mission and the élderes in the office said that I responded better than almost all the other sísteres. It's not the end of the world, but it sure does make you think a lot about all the wonderful things that you've been able to be a part of in the last little while. I sure do love Portugal and being a missionary and all the good stuff about life here. :) It just makes me happy. 

So, we had an interesting p-day. We weren't able to do email at the library this week so we had to do it on the one computer at the capela. I let Síster Lyman have at least an hour to do email so now I only have about 10 minutes to do my email. Oh well, at least I'm sending it. I can't respond individually to all of the emails like I would like to, but I did read all of them and I loved all of them. One funny thing is that there is another Kendra Smith serving a missin somewhere and I've been getting emails that were meant for her. She sent me an email today apologizing and asking me to forward them to her. I thought it was pretty funny. :) 

We had a good week this week. We taught a young man named Annecy. He is from Gabon in Africa and he is incredible! The Spirit is so strong in the lessons and he is so prepared! We have to teach in English because he doesn't speak Português as well as he speaks English, but we're able to make it work. He just keeps telling us stories about how God has been giving him signs in the last few years and when I hear these stories I can just see how God has been preparing him and how he is ready to receive the Gospel. We had a great lesson with him and with the elderes on Saturday. The Spirit was incredible! The only twist is that after the lesson he looked at me and asked, "When are you done being a missionary?" I told him I would be ending my mission in June and he said, "Are we going to get married?" The elderes just started laughing and I turned bright red and said, "Um, I don't think so. No." He was okay with it but the elderes now are teasing me about how when turn people down it's about like hitting someone with a baseball bat because I'm so blunt about it. I just don't respond well to those situations.... oh dear....  the elders have not stopped cracking jokes about that ever since. We're giving Annecy to the elders to be taught but he's totally cool about it which means he actually is elect. He's preparing to be baptized in Fevereiro. 

Also, Giovanna and her whole family came to church yesterday! Her mom is getting ready to marry her boyfriend and then he and his daughter will be getting baptized. :) I am so happy! I love it when families decide to start preparing for the temple. Giovanna's mom Jaqueline told me that I have to start saving money now because if I don't come to their temple sealing they will never forgive me. :) I love that little family. I hope I will still be here in Leiria when Jaqueline and João get married. That would be the best thing ever. 

I am now out of time. Sorry. Next week we're going to try to figure out this whole email game again. I love you all! Also, Mosiah 3:19 is my scripture of the week. 

Amo vos!

Síster Smith

P.S. Mom, I told the Bishop's wife about you always told us to "hold up the wall" after church to keep us busy. She decided to do that this week and we couldn't stop laughing.... it was so funny. Afonso (the bishop's son) also thought it was pretty funny.

Also, I think we walk a lot... my tights all have huge holes in the feet.... I think I need to buy new ones some time soon.

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